¡DALHE! Culture Pillar

The Cultural Committee is dedicated to celebrating the vibrant Hispanic and Latiné cultures. Our committee serves as a bridge, connecting individuals who share a common heritage and those eager to embrace the richness of our traditions. Rooted in unity and diversity, we strive to create a welcoming space where the beauty of our shared values, customs, and experiences can flourish. Through cultural events, educational initiatives, and a commitment to mutual understanding, our committee aims to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation for the unique contributions of each member. Join us in this journey of cultural exploration, connection, and celebration.

  • Celebrate our shared and diverse values, traditions, food, music, and backgrounds
  • Develop programming to raise cultural awareness, foster inclusion and acceptance, and celebrate belonging through mutual support and intersectionality
  • Advocate for policy and practice changes to enhance the work culture and equality for Latiné/Hispanic employees

New Latino Employee Resource Group Kicks Off Inaugural Event

Creating “Our History, Our Voice: Latiné at Duke”

Curated by students in Hunt Family Associate Professor Cecilia Márquez’s Latinx Social Movements class, "Our History, Our Voice: Latiné at Duke" is a collaboration of current and former cohorts of Márquez’s students from the past four years, each class building on the work of their predecessors’ research and insights.

Upcoming Events

Triptych of a black woman's arms, her head and torso, bundle of sticks

María Magdalena Campos-Pons: Behold

Nasher Museum • February 15 – June 09, 2024

In her artwork, Cuban-born artist Maria Campos-Pons draws from her family story to examine the global histories of enslavement, indentured labor, motherhood and migration. A new Nasher exhibition shows four decades of her work in video, photography, painting and other mediums.