Writing Workshops

Effective Communication: Sentence and Story

In 2012, Joanna Downer, Director of Research Development, first offered a series of hands-on workshops based on George Gopen’s seminar, "Scientific Writing from the Reader’s Perspective". We now offer these workshops through the Path to Independence Program and K Club and through other venues upon request.

These hands-on workshops focus on implementing Gopen's principles of good writing. We share tips and tricks for effective writing at both the sentence and story levels, and then work with participants in a small group setting to apply these tips to individuals’ Specific Aims pages or other relevant writing samples. The goal is to help participants learn to effectively revise their own work to improve clarity.

If you are interested in having us present on this or another topic, please contact Joanna Downer at joanna.downer@duke.edu or (919) 681-8272.