Decision Support Services


The ORA- Decision Support Services aims to support the research administration activities and the strategic goals of the School of Medicine and its research community by:

  • Conducting thorough data analysis and generating reports that offer valuable insights into the performance of different departments within the School of Medicine.
  •  Enhancing the quality, efficiency, and compliance of research administration processes and practices by utilizing data-driven decision making, continuous improvement, and fostering a culture of learning.
  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement solutions that address the needs and challenges of School of Medicine‚Äôs research community.


The Decision Support Services is composed of teams that specialize in Strategic Planning and Data Analysis, Continuous Improvement, and Education and Training.

  • The Strategic Planning and Data Analysis team plays a vital role in guiding the leaders of the School of Medicine by offering valuable performance insights, identifying patterns that affect business processes, and facilitating informed decision-making. Their expertise lies in gathering and analyzing data from various databases to meet the information requirements of the Office of Research Administration.
  • The Continuous Improvement team plays a crucial role in elevating the standard and effectiveness of research administration processes and services. They achieve this by fostering better collaboration and communication among different stakeholders, closely monitoring performance and business operations across departments, and identifying potential areas for enhancement.
  • The Training and Education team helps improve operational performance and foster a culture of continuous learning through training and development.


  Kathleen Magtibay

Data Analysis
  Darrell Queen  
  Sabbir Chowdhury

Continuous Improvement 
  Amy Barbee   

Education Development and Training
Tolise Dailey