MBS Program Pathways

Bridges to Excellence Scholar's Pathway

Designed in 2020, The BTE Scholars Program is an innovative educational opportunity developed in collaboration among Duke University School of Medicine and The University of South Carolina Greenville School of Medicine. BTE Scholars are residents of either the state of North Carolina or South Carolina. They will fully participate in the Duke Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Program and will be linked to a mentor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. In collaboration with their University of South Carolina School of Medicine mentors, they may be offered enhanced opportunities during MBS Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks and/or be able to fulfill 1-4 MBS selective credits.

Eligibility: In addition to fulfilling all other MBS eligibility requirements, BTE Scholars will be

  1. Residents of North or South Carolina
  2. Willing to apply to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, and accept an admission to this school (if offered)

Standardized Tests
MCAT scores are strongly preferred. The Admissions Committee expects a minimum MCAT that is above the 1st Quartile for the corresponding year, as published by the AAMC.

BTE scholars will

  1. be offered and accept conditional acceptance to Duke MBS based on successful completion of their undergraduate degree,
  2. successfully participate in and complete the Duke Master of Biomedical Sciences program,
  3. be offered and accept the opportunity to earn conditional acceptance to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine if satisfactory completion of MBS and fulfillment of the other criteria developed by the Admissions Committees of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine,
  4. agree to only apply to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine during the upcoming application cycle,
  5. fulfill all other conditions of medical school acceptance (i.e. MCAT timing and performance).

Priority will be given to students interested in primary care, psychiatry, and general surgery, with an intent to serve underserved communities of the Carolinas. It is expected that BTE Scholars will apply to a single medical school [the University of South Carolina School of Medicine], and if offered acceptance, will matriculate there.

MBS-Prep Pathway

Duke PREP pilot will provide a one-year in-depth research experiences, training, mentoring,  and professional skill development to two students interested in a career as an MD/Ph.D., DO/PhD, or Ph.D.

The goals of this program are to facilitate entry to and completion of biomedical doctorate programs to enhance the diversity of the biomedical research workforce and lead to improved health outcomes in vulnerable and underrepresented communities.  

We will recruit eligible candidates from the Duke School of Medicine Master of Biomedical Sciences, undergraduate students, and recent graduates from other institutions. A total of 2 participants will be selected for Duke PREP. Duke PREP participants, under the close mentorship of a Program Faculty mentor, will spend 75% of their time gaining hands-on research-intensive experience; 25% of their time will be in professional skill-building activities. 

Duke PREP participants benefit from a well-connected, experienced leadership team, a robust and inclusive faculty, and substantial institutional commitment to inclusion,  health equity, and belonging.  The Duke PREP pilot is funded by the recently retired Duke University Health System Chancellor Dr. Eugene Washington and the current Duke School of Medicine Dean, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Duke University and Chief Academic Office, Duke Health,  Dr. Mary Klotman.