SPS Citrix Accounts


Mac users running Mac OS X without VMWare or other virtualization server must use Citrix to access SPS Legacy.  Windows users who do not want to install SPS Legacy on their computer may optionally use Citrix. 

SPS is accessible from the Duke University Health System Citrix website. In order to run SPS from this website, you must have a DHE (Duke Health Enterprise) Active Directory account with rights to access Research Application Development Group applications from the Citrix web portal.

Requesting Citrix access to SPS

  • You must have a DHE Active Directory Account. Contact your LAN Administrator to request an account.  LAN administrators can request an account by filling out the web form at https://idms-web-netid.oit.duke.edu/affiliates/sponsor. The DHTS Service  Desk will contact you once your account request has been fulfilled.
  • Once you have a DHE account, contact the appropriate Service Desk (OIT or DHTS) and request that HS-CIS-ADG add your DHE account to the DHTS_ADG_SPS group in Active Directory.  ORI-RAD will notify you once your DHE account has been added to the DHTS_ADG_SPS group.