Ellen Jane Baker

Ellen Jane Baker
MMCi Executive Coach

Ellen Baker is founder of Culture2Culture, a professional development, cultural and organizational change consulting company specializing in organizational culture and global program development and implementation. Ellen’s expertise in human capital, cross-cultural communication, diversity, global teaming and collaboration, corporate culture, business protocol and the evaluation of how cultural differences impact business, stem from 30 years of management experience with international executives and diplomats in corporate America and the international arena. Ellen speaks flawless French, English and excellent Spanish, has experience in 32 countries and has resided in Europe and in Mexico. She is a dynamic consultant and trainer who excels at creating relevant and impactful programs and delivering experiential learning, which engages clients in all forums to interact. Her business acumen, networking savvy, market knowledge and keen observation and intuitive skills enable her to guide individual clients to self-discovery and prioritization of their needs in a comforting and reassuring manner. She always connects the dots…

For over 30 years Ellen has been a human resource professional and executive coach specializing in career strategy, leadership development, recruiting, talent management, development of corporate cultures, all geared to enhance employee performance. She is known for her work with corporations on developing a “Culture of Excellence”.  She also collaborates with start up ventures, helping them to form synergistic teams and unique cultural environments that foster creativity and efficiency.

Ellen is currently working as the Career Development Director for the MMCi, Master of Biostatistics and PhD of Biostatistics programs at the Duke School of Medicine where she teaches professional development with an emphasis on the crucial interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills. Previously, she was an Executive Coach for 17 years at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and Director of MBA Resources at the College of Management of NC State University.

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