MD Financial Aid Applicant

All need-based scholarships require the student to apply and qualify for need-based aid as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students that qualify for need-based funds may receive a named scholarship through the school. Named scholarships replace need-based scholarship funds. 

Please complete the required forms listed below if you want to apply for financial assistance.

Due Date:  April 1, 2021

  • FAFSA application
    Required for all students applying for aid; School code 002920, Use the IRS data retrieval tool to ensure the fastest processing. Upon receipt of your SAR (Student Aid Report) review for any messages that may require further action on your part.
  • CSS Profile 
    Required for students applying for need-based scholarship/grant funding.  School code is 5152. CSS Profile has a link to IDOC, a service where you can upload 2019 parent and student tax returns/W2’s.

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