MD Merit Scholarship Award Information

All merit scholarship awards are administered through the Duke School of Medicine Office of Admission. All students admitted into the Doctor of Medicine program are considered for these scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded during the first year and awarded for a total of four years.

The School Of Medicine offers scholarships from the following funds based on the recipient's academic excellence.


Rauch Family Leadership Scholarship: The Rauch Family Leadership Scholarship, established in 2013 by the Rauch Family Foundation, are the first all-inclusive scholarships at the School of Medicine. The merit-based scholarships will fund the approved cost of attendance as determined by the Duke Board of Trustees, which includes tuition, fees, transportation, and allowances for living and miscellaneous expenses. The scholarships will be awarded to an incoming first year student who shows outstanding promise for a significant career in medicine. The scholarships continue through graduation as long as the student remains in good standing. Students are selected by the Executive Committee for Admissions during the regular merit scholarship selection.

The Dean's Tuition Scholarship: Dean's Tuition Scholarships are awarded to academically excellent incoming medical students whose life experiences and background will meaningfully contribute to the diversity of the class. Factors considered may include personal attributes, experiential factors, demographics or other considerations. Selection is made by the Vice Dean of Education based on recommendations from the Medical School Admissions Committee. Annual renewal is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress.  Endowments that contribute funding to the Dean's Tuition awards are Dudley Family Academic Scholarship (2009), Richard W. Finner M.D. Scholarship (2011),Leon Levine Scholarship Fund (1984), Mary W. & Foster G. McGaw Scholarship (1986) and Minority Medical Quasi (1988), William Wagner M.D. Scholarship (2003).

Fullerton Medical Scholarships: Duke University School of Medicine is one of six medical schools in North Carolina and South Carolina that participates in the Fullerton Foundation's Medical Scholarship program, established in 1985. The Program's objective is to "identify and reward the student who demonstrates and projects the potential for development into a highly capable professional who is concerned with the total welfare of the society of which he/she is an active participant, as well as being a competent physician. The nominee must have potential for service in the health care field, which can be demonstrated by, but not limited to, leadership in high school, undergraduate school and the community, knowledge of society and the problems and opportunities of the world today, and the individual's awareness of his/her own capabilities and limitations." Each year the schools nominate an incoming student for one of the two $20,000 annual awards. The nominee or family of the nominee must be a resident of North Carolina or South Carolina for the past five years. Final selection is made by the Foundation. The award continues for the remaining three years of medical school based on the student maintaining satisfactory progress. On behalf of the four finalists, the Foundation awards a $1,000 honorary stipend.

Medical Scientist Training Program: The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) awards were made to 10 entering students for the 2019-2020 academic year with a total of 87 students in the program. The MSTP award pays full tuition, fees and stipend for six years of M.D.-Ph.D. enrollment.