Summer 2021 Graduation

Students in the Master of Management in Clinical Informatics, Physician Assistant Program (MHS), and Pathologists' Assistant Program (MHS) will earn their degrees in September. Students in one of our certificate training programs—Cardiac Ultrasound Certificate Program—will earn their certificates this summer, as well. A student in a PhD program also graduated this summer.

Health Professions Graduating Student Profiles

Shelby NeilPhysician Assistant Program (MHS, PA-C)

Shelby Neil served as Stead Society President for the Class of 2021 and would like to work in pediatric hospital medicine.

Read a Q&A with Shelby Neil



Aaron WallacePathologists' Assistant Program (MHS)

Aaron Wallace is interested in helping shape or direct a pathologists' assistant education program in the future.

Read a Q&A with Aaron Wallace




3 adults in cap and gownMaster of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi)

The family that studies together, stays together. Meet the Theils: Father David Theil and his daughter, Jackie, and son, Sam, completed the MMCi program together.

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Karl HofmeisterCardiac Ultrasound Technician Certificate

Karl Hofmeister will begin his career as a sonographer in the cardiac diagnostic unit at Duke University Hospital.

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PhD Graduating Student Profiles

Atul RangaduraiBiochemistry

Atul Rangadurai is interested in studying changes in the shapes of nucleic acids and proteins, and how that is related to their function and ultimately to cellular activity and disease.

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Spring 2021 Graduation

Congratulations to the students from the Duke University School of Medicine who graduated this spring. Despite a historically challenging year, faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing impacts of social injustice, students pushed forward with hard work and dedication. We celebrate their many accomplishments and wish them the best in the years ahead.

Students in the following programs earned their degrees in May: Doctor Medicine (MD), Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Clinical Research Training Program (MHS), Master of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Biostatistics, Medical Physics Graduate Program (MS & PhD), and Master of Science in Population Health Sciences. Students in PhD programs also earned their degrees this spring.

Spring 2021 Graduation By the Numbers

Health Professions Graduating Student Profiles

Match Day student profilesDoctor of Medicine (MD) and Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

For Match Day, four students shared their thoughts about being a medical student during the COVID-19 pandemic, their favorite memories from their time at Duke, and their aspirations for the future. Read Q&A profiles with Ashley Choi, Drake Edwards, Brian Ketterman, and Kirsten L. Simmons, MHSc.



Lance BennettDoctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Lance Bennett would like to work in an outpatient setting and loves working with the higher-level athletic population.

Read a Q&A with Lance Bennett



Alondra DeSantiagoMaster of Biomedical Sciences

As part of the Bridges to Excellence program, Alondra DeSantiago will continue her medical education at University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

Read a Q&A with Alondra DeSantiago



Sophia AndersonMaster of Biostatistics

After graduation, Sophia Anderson wants to continue developing, coordinating and executing clinical trials aimed at improving health outcomes in a number of different therapeutic areas.

Read a Q&A with Sophia Anderson



Odunola Grace BabawaleMaster of Science in Medical Physics

Odunola Grace Babawale hopes to work with other scientists in the field to research and implement accessible and affordable cancer treatment techniques that would be advantageous to low- to middle-income countries.

Read a Q&A with Odunola Grace Babawale



Aikya SoniMaster of Science in Population Health Sciences

Aikya Soni graduated from the first cohort of the M.S. in Population Health Sciences program, and has interests in combining digital health and technology to address health disparities and social supports.

Read a Q&A with Aikya Soni



PhD Graduating Student Profiles

Rossie Clark-CottonCell Biology

Rossie Clark-Cotton studies questions of fundamental cell biology, and loves the intellectual challenge of assembling a narrative from complex, and sometimes contradictory, data

Read a Q&A with Rossie Clark-Cotton



Amy WebsterGenetics and Genomics

Amy Webster plans to develop projects to understand how gene regulation and epigenetic inheritance influence evolutionary trajectories, and ultimately hopes to run a research lab to continue exploring these questions.

Read a Q&A with Amy Webster


Xiaohui (Hazel) AngPharmacology

Xiaohui (Hazel) Ang hopes to promote healthy aging and preventive medicine as the near future for healthcare and implement/influence her anti-aging research in clinical practices.

Read a Q&A with Xiaohui (Hazel) Ang