The goal of the School of Medicine Human Resources Management Center is to provide human resources support, employee services, and training for School of Medicine departments, programs, and centers within the School of Medicine. This office serves as a liaison to campus offices and units in the areas of Central Human Resources including Compensation, Recruitment, Employee Services, Staff and Labor Relations and Learning and Organization Development.

Human resources and employee activities affect each employee, work group, and operating unit within the School of Medicine. Our mission is to develop, implement, and maintain a variety of services, processes, and programs to enhance and facilitate human resources and employee activities in the school and campus level operating units. Services provided include: the review/approval of extraordinary pay, staff salary offers; oversight and approval of the salary setting processes and procedures; payroll administration; review of departmental appeals; implementation of HR procedures and best practices for the School of Medicine; analysis of compensation and other HR data; position management; oversight of HR reporting, including annual reporting on the School of Medicine executive compensation, and other issues related to executive compensation for School of Medicine administrators; assistance with employee relations matters; review and approval of disclosure of nepotism management plans;  serving as  Management Center liaison for School of Medicine HR;  and supporting the needs of our departments, centers, institutes, and programs.  Our goal is to build community and train and support the human resources professionals across the School of Medicine.