Grants.Duke PDF Issues

The following issues have arisen with PDF attachments in Grants.Duke:

  1. and NIH recommend limiting the overall application file size to 200 MB and individual PDF attachments to 100 MB. Exceeding these recommendations will not necessarily lead to a submission failure. However, NIH advices applicants to adhere to these limitations as the larger the application the longer it will take for reviewers and staff to access the assembled application image.
  2. A user attempts to attach a PDF file that contains forms (or editable fields). An error is generated and Grants.Duke does not allow the attachment.
  3. The PDF may have been created using a software program that is not supported by Grants.Duke.

To resolve the problems mentioned above, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Open the file in your PDF tool of choice (Adobe PDF, Cute PDF Writer, etc.)
  2. Go to File/Print and select Acrobat, Cute PDF Writer, or whatever tool you are using from the Printer Name drop down. NOTE: Be sure to leave the Print to File option unchecked.
  3. Press OK and you will be prompted for a File Name. The newly generated file will be free of any forms.