ART User Guide

Art Query User Guide

1) Open a browser and go to the RAD Applications web site ( [Opens in a new window] ) and select Art from the Utilities menu.

2) Enter your NetID and your NetID password and click on 'Log In'

3) In the 'Available Groups' box, select a group. If you have only one group, it will already be selected. Once a group is selected, all queries within that group will appear in the 'Available Items' box.

Note: Clicking the green arrow in the top left corner of the screen will return you to the Start Page, and the red arrow will allow you to Log out of Art.

4) In the 'Available Items' box, select the query you want to run and click on 'Next'.

Note: When you select a query, the Description box on the right will display information about the query, including its name and a description of what the query is for.

5) If the query you selected requires that you choose parameters, you'll see a screen that resembles the one below:

Enter the parameters for the query you are running, and select the View mode.

If your query does not require parameters, just select the View Mode. See below for more information on View Modes.

6) Run the query. After you have entered any required parameters and selected the appropriate View Mode, click on 'Execute' to run your query.

View Modes

The default View Mode for your query is Spreadsheet (xls). If you execute the query in this View Mode, you will see the following screen:

Click on the report name link, and the output will be placed in a spreadsheet. If you wish, you may export the spreadsheet to your hard drive.

You may change the View Mode if you would prefer to receive output in some other format. You may want to try each View Mode just to get an idea of what they are. 'Spreadsheet' makes sense for queries that return lots of rows, but 'Browser (Fancy)' might make more sense for smaller result sets.

7) After viewing the results of your query, you can use the browser's 'Back'' button to return to the page where you can select another query. Then repeat steps 3 - 6 above.

8) When you have finished running your query (or queries) in Art, you can Log off by clicking the icon in the upper left corner that has a red arrow.