School of Medicine Welcomes 2021 Incoming Class

The Duke University School of Medicine welcomes students from across the country and around the world who start their health professions careers at the School of Medicine this month. First- and second-year students in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program participated in White Coat Ceremonies on Aug. 6. The second-year students were unable to hold an in-person ceremony last year due to COVID-19. The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program also held a White Coat Ceremony in July, and the Physician Assistant Program will hold one later this month.

MD Program 
115 Students 
74 Women, 38 Men  
37 Underrepresented Minority Students 
36 States 

MD/PhD program 
9 Students 
4 Women, 5 Men 
3 Underrepresented Minority Students 
9 States 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Students in Duke Chapel, during white coat ceremonyDoctor of Physical Therapy White Coat Ceremony in Duke Chapel

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 
96 Students 
80 Women, 16 Men 
27 Underrepresented Minority Students 
29 States 

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program*
40 Students 
35 Female, 5 Male 
25 Underrepresented Minority Students 
16 States 
*Inaugural class

Physician Assistant Program 
90 Students 
67 Women, 23 Men 
23 Underrepresented Minority Students 
24 States 

Master of Biomedical Sciences 
47 Students 
26 Women, 20 Men, 1 Genderqueer/Gender Non-conforming 
31 Underrepresented Minority Students 

Master Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
49 Students 
27 Women, 22 Men 
1 Underrepresented Minority Students 
15 States

Master of Medical Physics
19 Students
11 Women, 8 Men
0 Underrepresented Minority Students 
15 States

Master of Science in Population Health Sciences
12 Students
9 Women, 3 Men
7 Underrepresented Minority Students

Pathologists' Assistant 
8 Students 
8 Women, 0 Men 
0 Underrepresented Minority Students 
5 States 

PhD Students in 17 Biomedical PhD Programs
113 Students
72 Women, 41 Men
26 Underrepresented Minority Students 
14 States and 16 countries.