Duke University Medical Students Celebrate Match Day 2020

On Friday, March 20, medical students at Duke celebrated Match Day virtually! The students received envelopes digitally at noon and quickly shared their exciting news on social media and other digital platforms. 

A total of 115 Duke Med students participated and are headed to some of the nation’s most prestigious residency programs.

Among them:

28 are staying at Duke
8 are going to Harvard
6 are going to Washington University
4 are going to Stanford University
4 are going to University of Washington
4 are going to Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
4 are going to University of North Carolina
3 are going to University of California, San Francisco
3 are going to Columbia University

Most frequent residency locations by state:

33 North Carolina
11 Massachusetts​
11 California
7 Missouri
6 Pennsylvania

Students matched in the following specialties:

10 Anesthesiology
4 Dermatology                     
6 Emergency Medicine     
4 Family Medicine              
7 General Surgery              
32 Internal Medicine           
4 Med/Peds                         ​
2 Neurology                          
1 Neurosurgery                   
8 Obstetrics/Gynecology​
1 Ophthalmology                
4 Orthopaedics                    ​
1 Otolaryngology                
1 Pathology                           
10 Pediatrics                           
4 Plastic Surgery                  
4 Psychiatry                          
2 Psychiatry Triple Board           ​
1 Radiology (Diagnostic)    
4 Radiology-Interventional                
1 Radiation Oncology         ​

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