Duke Medical Students Celebrate Match Day 2024

Each year, fourth-year medical students across the country view the third week of March as the beginning of their careers in medicine. Match Day, created in 1952, is a event organized by the National Resident Match Program during which students in the United States are "matched" with residency and fellowship training programs throughout the country.

On Friday, March 15, 2024, 128 fourth-year medical students at Duke opened their envelopes and learned where in the country they will complete residency training. Duke medical students are headed to some of the nation’s most prestigious residency programs, with 29 matching at Duke. 

2024 Match Highlights

# Most Frequently Matched Specialty                   
24 Internal Medicine
11 Obstetrics & Gynecology   
11 Orthopaedic Surgery
11 General Surgery
9 Anesthesiology


Most Matched Geographical Locations              
35 North Carolina
14 California
12 Massachusetts
10 New York


Most Frequently Matched Institution    
29 Duke University
9 Massachusetts General Brigham (MGB)
5 Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center
5 Stanford Health Care


Students at Match day
Class president Edwin Owolo speaking at the ceremony, advisory dean Leonor Corsino with a student receiving his envelope.
Students Celebrating their matches with family
students Celebrating their matches

All Matches

# of Matches Specialty
9 Anesthesiology
5 Dermatology
3 Emergency Medicine
2 Family Medicine
24 Internal Medicine
6 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics               
2 Internal Medicine/Psychiatry
3 Interventional Radiology
5 Neurological Surgery
1 Neurology
11 Obstetrics and Gynecology
5 Ophthalmology
11 Orthopaedic Surgery
3 Otolaryngology
1 Pathology 
4 Pediatrics
1 Pediatrics/Medical Genetics
5 Plastic Surgery
5 Psychiatry
1 Psychiatry/Family medicine
1 Radiation Oncology
6 Radiology-Diagnostic
11 Surgery-General
1 Urology
2 Vascular Surgery


students celebrating their matches

Photos by Huth Photography