Duke Medical Students Celebrate Match Day 2019!

On Friday, March 15th, medical students at Duke opened their envelopes and learned where in the country they will complete their residency programs.

A total of 117 students participated in Match Day at Duke this year and are headed to some of the nation’s most prestigious residency programs.

Among them:

31 are staying at Duke
8 are going to Harvard 
6 are going to University of California,  San Francisco 
5 are going to the University of Pennsylvania
5 matched at military medical centers
4 are going to the University of Washington in Seattle
4 are going to Washington University in St. Louis

Most frequent locations by state:

33 North Carolina
14  California  
 8 Massachusetts  
 7 Pennsylvania  
 7 New York 
 6 Texas  

Students celebrating their matches. From left: Oretunlewa Soyinka, Aaron Hein, Gireesh Reddy, Kelsey Corrigan, Olayode Babatunde, Hassan Alkazemi, Rhya Zhao. Photo: Chris Hildreth/RoosterMedia.

Students matched in the following specialties:

 6 Anesthesiology
 7 Dermatology
 4 Emergency Medicine
 1 Family Medicine
10 General Surgery
25 Internal Medicine
 1 Interventional Radiology 
 2 Medicine/Pediatrics
 3 Neurology
 3 Neurosurgery
 5 Obstetrics & Gynecology
 6 Ophthalmology
 7 Orthopaedics
 4 Otolaryngology
 0 Pathology
 8 Pediatrics
 1 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
 6 Plastic Surgery
 1 Psychiatry
 1 Psychiatry/Peds/Child Psych
 5 Radiation Oncology
 4 Radiology
 1Thoracic Surgery 
 4 Urology 
 2 Vascular surgery