Duke Medical Students Celebrate Match Day 2017!

Each year, fourth-year medical students across the country view the third week of March as the start of their future. Match Day is a unified event organized by the National Resident Match Program.

On March 17, medical students at Duke opened their envelopes and learned where in the country they will begin their residency programs.

A total of 106 students participated in Match Day at Duke this year and are headed to some of the nation’s most prestigious programs.

Among them:

28 are staying at Duke
14 are going to Harvard 
6 are going to UC San Francisco 
5 are going to Stanford 
5 are going to Johns Hopkins
4 are going to Yale

Most frequent locations by state:

North Carolina 31
California  18
Massachusetts  16
Illinois  5 
New York  5

Students matched in the following specialties:

Anesthesiology  4
Dermatology  1
Emergency Medicine  5
Family Medicine  2
General Surgery  6
Internal Medicine  25
Medicine/Pediatrics  2
Medicine/Psychiatry  1
Neurology  3
Neurosurgery  4
Obstetrics & Gynecology  5
Ophthalmology  10
Orthopaedics  6
Otolaryngology  2
Pathology  0
Pediatrics  7
Plastic Surgery  3
Psychiatry  6
Radiation Oncology  3
Radiology  5
Urology 3

Also new fields:

Interventional Radiology  2
Medicine/dermatology combined 1