Congratulations, Summer 2022 Graduates

Congratulations to the 166 students from the Duke University School of Medicine who will graduate this summer from health professions and biomedical PhD programs.

The Physician Assistant Program held a ceremony Aug. 5 at Duke University Chapel, and the Master of Management in Clinical Informatics program held a ceremony Aug. 14 at Golden Belt.

Students will receive degrees, to be conferred on Sept. 1, in the following programs:

Number of Students Health Professions Education Program
8 Pathologist’s Assistant (MHS)
87 Physician Assistant (MHS, PA)
37 Master of Management in Clinical Informatics
5 Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research
2 Master of Biomedical Sciences 


Number of Students Biomedical PhD Program
2 Biochemistry
2 Biostatistics
3 Cell Biology
2 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
2 Immunology
3 Molecular Cancer Biology
3 Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
1 Neurobiology
5 Pathology
2 Pharmacology
2 University Program in Genetics and Genomics

Class Photos

Pathologists' Assistant Program

grid of photos of eight women

Physician Assistant Program

large group photo of class of students in white coats

Master of Management in Clinical Informatics

large group of people in caps and gowns