Physical Function Assessment in Older Adults: Workshop for Health Professionals and Clinical Researchers

October 25, 2022
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Event sponsored by:

Center for Aging and Human Development
School of Medicine (SOM)


Katherine Hall


Physical Assessment in Older Adults


Duke Pepper Center Health & Mobility Measures Core
Attendance is limited to 24 participants - register now! Balance, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength are essential elements for successful aging and independent living. Clinicians and researchers alike who care for older adults need to be able to recognize, assess, and treat functional impairments. However, very few health professionals or clinical researchers are aware of, or receive adequate hands-on training, in functional assessment tools available for rapid and accurate assessment of clinically meaningful impairment in older adults. The Duke Pepper Center's Health and Mobility Measures Core is pleased to announce a half-day workshop that will highlight functional assessments that can be utilized across the continuum of functional ability. This program highlights a core set of performance tests that can be implemented across a variety of settings (e.g., resource-rich vs. resource-limited, outpatient vs. inpatient) and both face-to-face and virtual environs. The workshop will include training on performance tests such as: 1. chair stand test (lower body strength) 2. walking speed 3. hand grip strength 4. 6-minute walk test (aerobic endurance) This core set of measures are linked to important clinical outcomes including hospitalization, discharge disposition, and morbidity & mortality. This workshop will consist of instructional keynote presentations and interactive training tutorials. Faculty, clinical providers, trainees, and fellows who are looking to gain actionable skills in the area of functional assessment for older adults are encouraged to attend.