Duke Arts Create: Stress-Free Singing

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School of Medicine (SOM)
Duke Arts Create


Vikki Grossman


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Amelia Shull
Singing is a human right and a healthy choice to help lower stress and be in the present. Singing in community can be really enjoyable, and in this workshop we will play with some basics of singing- Breath, Pitch, Rhythm, Diction, and Voice. We will try an assortment of songs, from simple warm-ups to karaoke style sing-alongs. Meant to be fun and low stakes, we will enjoy the practice of using our voices and appreciating the ways that singing can both build confidence and be physically centering. Expect to try a wide variety of vocalizing and to be supported where you are. This event will be held on the 6th floor of Trent Semans. Registration Info Please email DukeCreate@duke.edu if you have any issues registering for this workshop.

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