Our PhD training program in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology (DSCB) is the culmination of a long tradition of excellence in training developmental biologists at Duke University. Recent technological and conceptual advances have ushered in an era of unprecedented opportunities to uncover key mechanisms of embryogenesis, stem cell biology, regeneration and other developmental phenomena. The DSCB Program is central to this research enterprise at Duke, and provides a superb training environment.

The mission of the DSCB PhD program is to train the next generation of scientists in principles of development, stem cell biology, and regeneration through targeted coursework, lab research, and interactions within the DSCB community. The diverse backgrounds, research expertise, and perspectives of our community enable us to enrich and personalize the training environment. Our goal is to develop in our students confidence, independent critical thinking, academic rigor, and the intellectual curiosity and creativity to synthesize new ideas and communicate them effectively.


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