Peer Support Pilot Program for Health Professions Students Coming Soon


The Office of Learning Environment and Wellbeing will launch a pilot project to investigate the feasibility and impact of a cross-disciplinary peer support program on connectedness, burnout, and wellness for students in health professions education programs. 

Created by McLean Pollock PhD, assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and Jane Gagliardi, MD, MHS, associate dean for learning environment and wellbeing, the collaborative peer support and coaching project is being funded by Duke AHEAD.  

Other collaborators include Melanie Bonner, PhD, assistant dean of student services; Laura Weisberg, PhD, former associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences; MaryBeth Gallagher, OTD, assistant professor in orthopedic surgery; Annamarie Streilein, PA, assistant professor in family medicine and community health; and Jeffrey Hoder, DPT, associate professor in orthopaedic surgery. 

During the pilot, participants from different health professions education programs will be included in interprofessional peer support group offerings and will also be given the opportunity to connect informally and in one-on-one settings with other learners who are interested in providing peer support. Sessions will include topics such as values congruence and goal setting, seeing clinical practice as akin to athletic performance, sleep hygiene, mind-body connection, and coping skills conducive to everyday practice.   

Students who are interested in participating or learning more about the initiative are encouraged to email or to look for more information coming soon.