Aubrey Enriquez Represents Our Community on GPSG


What sparked your interest in serving?
My involvement with GSPG started with an interest in enhancing my peers and my experience as a Duke graduate student. Being a part of a newer program, I realized the importance of an active involvement in decision-making and bringing awareness to our collective needs as a significant part of the student body. I noticed there can be a disconnect between the School of Medicine and the overall Duke University community, and I became motivated to explore how to bridge this gap. I hope to initiate small changes that can foster a stronger and more connected student community as our program grows.

What issues do you think are important to the Duke OTD students?
GPSG is committed to representing the collective voice of student concerns at Duke. The issues that are most relevant to Duke OTD students include addressing the rising cost of living and its impact on students, ensuring adequate support services, and establishing clear protocols if a leave of absence occurs. There are also concerns about improving communication between students and faculty and enhancing career development opportunities through networking events and assistance with job applications.

Also, GPSG is organizing a trip to Washington D.C. next spring for those interested in engaging with policy and advocacy. There are also many opportunities for involvement with the Durham community.

What drew you to occupational therapy?
I was drawn to occupational therapy for its holistic approach, a value that resonated with me following my recovery from a car accident. This experience heightened my appreciation for the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, along with the significance of doing simple things I had previously taken for granted. This shift in perspective guided me toward a profession that values and celebrates small yet meaningful milestones. In occupational therapy, the idea of collaborating with future clients to rediscover their enthusiasm for life excites me, celebrating each significant achievement, big or small, while honoring who they are as a person. 

How do you plan to use your degree? 
When I leave Duke, I look forward to the possibility of extending my services to a wider population with my OTD degree and focusing on advancing clinical practice within the OT profession. I aspire to explore innovative approaches, commit to life-long learning, and embrace new challenges that can bring the benefits of occupational therapy to a broader community.

As a long-term goal, I aspire to advocate for improving access to OT services and elevating the recognition of our wonderful profession. I also look forward to maintaining strong connections with my OTD peers and collaborating with fellow professionals who share similar passions. 

Where are you from?
My hometown is Delano, California but I am originally from Cavite City, Philippines.

Where did you earn your undergraduate degree?
I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California-San Diego