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New Challenges, New Opportunities:

Mary Klotman Takes Office as the New Dean of the School of Medicine

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New Challenges, New Opportunities 

Mary Klotman Takes Office as the New Dean of the School of Medicine

BY ONE MEASURE, MARY KLOTMAN, T’76, MD’80, HS’80-’85, hasn’t gone very far: from the window of her new office in Duke North she can almost see the dorm room where she lived as a Duke undergraduate. But that proximity is deceptive. Since she arrived on campus as a freshman, Klotman has charted a trajectory that has risen through Duke medical school, residency and a fellowship, into leading labs where she conducted life-changing research, to prominent capacities at major national research institutions, through a glass ceiling or two, and now up to the top leadership position at one of the nation’s great medical schools.

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The Art of Medicine

Medical student program bridges medicine and humanities

IN ONE CORNER OF THE SIXTH FLOOR of the Trent Semans Center stands a small structure, like a voting booth, entirely draped in blue fabric. Open the flap and step inside, and you find yourself— a real-time video of your own face plays on a screen in front of you. Upon that is superimposed an interactive image of a brain scan that journeys through the various layers of the brain as you move your head forward and back. It’s when you put on the headphones that the experience becomes truly unnerving.

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Gut Instincts

Lawrence David explores the hidden world of the gut

Inside our guts, a teeming world of bacteria go about their lives. We are seldom aware of their presence, but they interact with us in countless ways and play a profound role in determining our health. In a way, they help make us who we are. 

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