Multidisciplinary Benign Urology Research Day 2017

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The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate discussions, to highlight urology research in the area, and to develop a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to answer urological research questions. Faculty, Fellows, Postdocs, Students, and Staff from all disciplines with an interest in any aspect of benign urological diseases are invited to attend.    

2017 Multidisciplinary Benign Urology Research Day:

Friday, April 28, 2017
Fitzpatrick Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Caroline

Organized by

Duke Multidisciplinary K12 Urologic Research Career Development Program (KURe)
     (Contact: Cindy Amundsen, Friederike Jayes)
and Pelvic Medicine Research Consortium (PMRC)
    (Contact: Matthew Fraser)

2017 Program Book


Congratulations to the 2017 Winners 

Basic/Translational Oral Presentation:
1st place - Eric J Gonzalez, PhD and Warren M Grill, MD. - Detrusor Underactivity in an Obese-Prone Rat Model

Clinical Oral Presentation:
1st place - Ruiyang Jiang, MD, Steven Wolf, MS, J Todd Purves, MD, PhD, John S Wiener, MD, and Jonathan C Routh, MD, MPH - The Utility of Charlson Comorbidity, Van Walvaren, and Rhee Index in Predicting Post-Operative Complications in Pediatric Urology

Basic/Translational Poster Presentation:
1st place - Brian M Inouye, MD, Francis M Hughes, PhD, Robin Lutolf, BS, Clay Rouse, DVM, Wen-Chi Foo, MD, J Todd Purves, MD, PhD - Inflammasome Activation Early in the Development of Diabetic Bladder Dysfunction

Clinical Poster Presentation:
1st place - Monique H Vaughan, MD, Nazema Y Siddiqui, MD, MHSc, Laura K Newcomb, MD Alison C Weidner, MD, Amie Kawasaki, MD, Megan S Bradley, MD - Reduction of Genital Hiatus Size Decreases Anatomic Failure After Native Tissue Vaginal Vault Suspension

Keynote Speakers 2017


Suzanne Groah, MD, MSPH





Suzanne Groah, MD, MSPH
Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Director of Spinal Cord Injury Consultation Liaison Service,
Spinal Cord Injury Research at MedStar National Rehabilitation Network,
Georgetown University

“Advancing Care of Urinary Symptoms and Urinary Tract Infection: A Winding Path to Discovery”


Michael DiSanto, PhD

Michael DiSanto, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Surgery,
Director of Urology Research,
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University.

“Mechanistic Basis for Lower Urogenital Smooth Muscle Remodeling in Response to Bladder Outlet Obstruction”

Panelists 2017


Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD

Nephrology, Columbia University

Sam Eaton, MD

Urology, Duke University

Francis Hughes, Jr. PhD

Urology, Duke University

David Klumpp, PhD

Microbiology/Immunology, Northwestern University

Todd Purves, MD, AB, PhD

Urology, Duke University

Ann Stapleton, MD

Infectious Disease, University of Washington

Siobhan Sutcliffe PhD

Public Health, Washington University

Davis P. Viprakasit, MD, FACS

Urology, University of North Carolina


2017 Flyer

Agenda 2017

2017 Printable Schedule





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