Basic Science Research

Basic Science Departments

seven basic science departments in the School of Medicine

Ph.D. Programs in Biomedical Sciences

offers interdisciplinary graduate programs in basic sciences and involve students in cutting-edge research

Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D./Ph.D.)

training for high-level research careers in the biomedical sciences and academic medicine.

Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine Program

provides clinical experiences to PhDs and post-docs in the basic sciences to help them understand and promote translational research

Duke Office of Postdoctoral Services

the central resource for postdoctoral appointees and provides a consolidated location for the advertisement of available postdoctoral research positions

Core Research Facilities

more than 30 state-of-the-art shared research facilities

Duke researchers in both basic science and clinical departments are engaged in a wide range of basic science research, studying cell biology, immunology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology and genetics in organisms from bacteria to man. 

Duke offers a collaborative research environment where scientists at all levels work to address scientific problems of fundamental importance. To foster the success of its investigators, Duke offers a variety of core facility services, seminar series, and professional development programs.