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Welcome to the Duke University School of Medicine's Financial Aid Office web site.  Our goal is to help students find the resources necessary to attend our program.


Duke University  School of Medicine places a high priority on need-based financial assistance for its students with a particular emphasis on grants and low-interest loans.  In academic year 2011-12, the Financial Aid Office has administered approximately $36 million in loans, and scholarship funding from various federal, private, and school sources to 87 percent of our student body.

In evaluating applicants for admission,  Duke maintains a strict policy of selecting candidates without regard to their ability to pay for medical school.  Candidates selected for admission or the wait list are invited to apply for financial assistance.  US citizenship or permanent residence is required of all students receiving federal or institutional aid through the school.  Financial aid application information will be distributed to students during the interview process.  You should complete the application process early to ensure a financial aid award has been made before you need to make a decision about attending Duke Medical School.

The decision to attend a high-cost private medical school should involve the entire family.  For purposes of the schools' need based funds, the student is not viewed as financially independent of parents. Individual students (and spouses, if married) and their parents have the primary responsibility for financing the cost of a medical education at Duke.  Parental information will be used to determine grant eligibility each year of enrollment.   Duke looks at both natural parents for purposes of determining Duke-based financial aid for a student with divorced or separated parents.  This information is collected each year regardless of age or change in marital status.

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Important News/Updates


We have recently posted Debt Mangement Video Modules!  Go to the Financial Literacy 101 tab on our website to view. You will need your Net ID and Password.