Keeping the Heart Young: The Science of Cardiovascular Resistance, Resilience and Rejuvenation

October 6, 2018 |  J.B. Duke Hotel

Translating Duke Health is a multiyear, multidisciplinary program to capitalize on our collective strengths in research, clinical care and population health to address major health challenges.  One of five focus areas, the Cardiovascular Disease Initiatives is focused on harnessing the power of resistance, resilience, and rejuvenation to understand and prevent transitions from cardiovascular health to disease.  This daylong event will bring together national experts in cardiovascular disease to address the science of keeping the heart young


Mary Klotman, MD, Dean, Duke School of Medicine


Pamela S. Geller, MD
Convener, Keeping the Heart Young Initiative

Genetic and Proteomic Insights into Lipoprotein Metabolism 

Sumeet Khetarpal, MD, PhD, Perelman School of Medicine

Omics:  Towards a More Personalized Approach to Obesity

Svati Shah, MD, MHS, Duke University School of Medicine

CV Moonshot

Jennifer Robinson, MD, MPH, University of Iowa

Extracellular Cyclophilin A Mediates Diverse Cardiovascular Diseases: Roles of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Bradford Berk, MD, PhD, University of Rochester

Translational Aspects of Inflammation: Lessons Learned for a Model of Accelerated Atherosclerosis

Steven Grinspoon, MD, Mass General Hospital

What do Racial Disparities Tell Us About Resilience?

Herman Taylor, Jr., MD, Morehouse School of Medicine

Panel Discussion, Resistance and Resilience in Vascular Biology

Molecular Aspects of Mitochondrial Auto-Transplantation for Myocardial Recovery Following Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

S. James McCully, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital

Clinical Experience with Autologous Mitochondrial Transplantation for Recovery Following Myocardial Ischemia – Reperfusion Injury

Sitaram Emani, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital

A New Paradigm for the Pathophysiology & Tx of HF w/ Preserved EF

Dalane Kitzman, MD, Wake Forest School of Medicine


Panel Discussion, Rejuvenation: Restoring Myocardial and Ventricular Health

Panel Discussion, Thinking Outside the Heart: Innovative Strategies to Keep the Heart Young