Immunology and Transplant Initiative

Translating Duke Health is a multiyear, multidisciplinary program to capitalize on our collective strengths in research, clinical care, and population health to address major health challenges. One of the five focus areas, the Immunology & Transplant Initiative, is focused on understanding the fundamental rules of immune control.

Transplant Immunology

Duke researchers in transplantation are working to define the mechanisms of immune control to prevent organ rejection and improve survival in adult and pediatric transplant recipients. By identifying the immune signatures of different patient populations, this research will lead to novel tailor-made treatments unique to each patient’s immune system.

This precise, personalized medicine aims to promote graft acceptance in recipients of donor organs, thereby minimizing the need for patients to take long-term immunosuppressive drugs. Additionally, research teams are studying novel organ preservation methods to expand the donor pool and reduce time on the organ wait list. These cutting-edge treatments and diagnostics will save lives by making transplantation more widely accessible for patients.


Transplant Research Laboratories


Collaborating Faculty Members

  • Matthew Hartwig, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery
  • Jaewoo Lee, PhD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery