Research Week Speaker Q&A: Lawrence David, PhD

Lawrence David, PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology 

In 1-3 sentences, please describe your research interests for a general audience.

The David lab members investigate the relationship between the human gut microbiome and nutrition. They seek to understand how different foods impact gut microbial ecology, and they are working to design diagnostics that use enteric bacteria to personalize diets. 

Why is this research important?

Poor diet is the leading risk factor for early death. The gut microbiome can likely provide us with new insights into how we might choose healthy foods to eat. 

What excites you most about the future of this research? 

I am excited about the opportunity to apply genomic tools developed in microbiome research towards human nutrition. For example, we are now using DNA sequencing-based techniques that will make it possible to track what foods people have eaten.