SPS Forms Generation Guides

When a sponsor form (i.e., PHS 398, PHS 2590, NSF) is generated in SPS Legacy, the sponsor form is stored on the user's computer as a PDF file and the proposal data is stored as an XFDF file.  In SPS Legacy, we are able to force the XFDF file to open and be presented to the user in the appropriate format.

Unfortunately, we are unable to duplicate this functionality in SPS Web, so the process for generating sponsor forms is more complex than we would like it to be.  We did not invest resources in building a more eloquent solution because the printed sponsor forms will be eliminated within the next year or two.

Below are general instructions on how to generate sponsor forms on the most common web platforms.  Given the abundance of browser/operating system combinations, we could not document every possible combination.  Our documentation may not cover the exact behavior that you will encounter with your personalized setup, but these instructions should  work for most users.  If you have questions about downloading and saving files to your local machine, you should contact your LAN administrator.


When a web browser appends an extension to the end of the downloaded XFDF file, you will get an Adobe error similar to the one shown below:

If you encounter this issue, you can either try using a different web browser or try following the steps for the advanced method of downloading the generated forms (described in the help links above).