SPS Citrix Mac OSX



Both a DHE domain account and the Sponsored Projects System (SPS) application account are required to access SPS using Citrix. The password for your DHE domain account should be at least six characters; one or more characters should be numbers, and contain no personal information. See Duke Health System Security Guidelines for details. Your SPS account is your NetID.

Opening SPS

  1. Open your web browser and surf to https://citrix.duke.edu [Opens in a new window] . Your browser should display the  web page. Fill in Username with your NetID, Password with your  DHE domain password, and Domain with DHE and press the Log in button.
  2. The first time you login to DHE domain a password change is forced. Follow the directions provided choosing a new password which follows the Duke Health System Security Guideline noted above.
  3. After a successful log in to Duke University Health System Application Web Interface, the Applications web page displays. One of the application icons should be for SPS. Single click the SPS icon.
  4. Enter your NetID in the Login Name field and your NetID password in the Password field and press OK.

Running SPS

SPS using the Citrix secure web gateway is very similar to SPS running on a Windows workstation. The main differences relate to exporting proposals and printing forms. You may verify that exporting and printing from SPS are working correctly on your Macintosh.

  1. Open the Proposal Browser from the SPS Main Menu and search for a proposal (or proposals). From the Proposal Browser File menu choose ExportNote: You may be prompted to allow READ or WRITE access to your local User folder, click the Allow button.
  2. SPS will prompt you for an export file name and location. The location specified should be the User Desktop.
  3. If all goes well, a dialog box displays the export file name. Click the OK button
  4. The export file, assuming you accepted the default name, should appear on your Desktop. You may need to click on your Desktop to refresh and show the icon for the export file. The export file is comma delimited, so most spreadsheet programs, e.g., Microsoft Excel, can open it.


It is a good idea to verify form generation functions correctly.

  1. Highlight any document(s) you like in the Proposal Browser by choosing File | Print... from the menu. A Forms Generation dialog box displays. Choose which form or forms you would like printed and press the Generate button.
  2. The Adobe files should appear on your Desktop. These files include the forms you generated above. Two files are placed on your Desktop for each proposal printed.
  3. Double-click the .xfdf file, not the .pdf file, to view and print generated forms in Adobe Reader. You may need to click on your Desktop to refresh and show the icon for the Adobe file(s).

Closing SPS

  1. After quitting the SPS application, you are still connected to Citrix/domain. Press the Logout button on the web page to disconnect from Citrix.
  2. After pressing the Logout button, the Citrix(R) NFuse(TM) Classic Login displays. Once done using SPS, you can choose File | Quit from the browser's menu.
  3. Unfortunately, running SPS leaves a little clutter on your desktop. Everytime you run SPS, a launch.asp icon is left on your desktop. This icon no longer works, and can be moved to Trash.

H E L P !

If you are in the: Then please call the: At the following number:
Medical Center DHTS Service Desk 684-2243
University OIT Help Desk 684-2200



Please give the support technician your name, telephone number, platform (Mac), operating system, e.g. Mac OS 10.4, and a brief description of the problem. A member of the SPS development team will return your call within a half-hour.