SPS Adobe Security Issues

PROBLEM:  With newer, more secure versions of Acrobat and Reader, whenever a user attempts to generate forms from within SPS (using either File > Print or Page Preview), a security error is displayed and no SPS data is transferred to the forms.

FIX:  Once you have encountered this error, follow the steps below to trust all documents that are stored in the temporary folder used by SPS:

  1. Click the Options button in the yellow error message bar.
  2. Select 'Trust this document always' from the dropdown menu.  The error message will go away.
  3. Select Edit > Preferences from the Acrobat menu bar.
  4. Highlight 'Security (Enhanced)' in the list on the left side of the Preferences window.
  5. In the Priveleged Locations section of the Enhanced Security screen, select the 'Add Folder Path' button.  A 'Browse for Folder' window will be displayed.
  6. Click in the Folder data entry field, delete any text that was automatically filled in, then type the following:  %APPDATA%\SPS

  7. Click the OK button to dismiss the 'Browser for Folder' window.

  8. Click the OK button to dismiss the Preferences window.
  9. Close Acrobat.

You should once again be able to open SPS forms using Acrobat/Reader.