SPS Adobe Reader 11.0.09+ Printing Issues


Adobe Reader Version 11.0.09 and above prevents printing in SPS Legacy. Printing government forms in Sps-legacy causes the following error in the latest Adobe Reader.

This web page shows how to prevent this error. This recommendation has been approved by the Duke Health Information Security Office. Before proceeding, please make sure Sps-legacy and Adobe Reader are no longer running.


In order to avoid this error, the Access Control List (ACL) for an Sps-legacy specific folder must change. In order to change the permission on this folder, launch Explorer, i.e., the folder icon on the Windows Taskbar, enter the string %APPDATA% in the address bar, and either click the Right Arrow next to the address bar or press Enter on keyboard.

Assuming Sps-legacy previously ran on the PC, there will be a folder named Sps in the %APPDATA% folder. Right-click the Sps folder and select Properties.

The Sps Properties dialog box is in the foreground. Press the Edit... button.

The Permissions for Sps dialog box is in the foreground. If Everyone is not in the Group or user names section, press Add...

The Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog box displays. Type Everyone in the Enter the object names to select text box and press OK.

The Permissions for Sps dialog returns to the foreground. Select Everyone in the Group or user names section and make sure only Read - Allow checkbox is checked and press OK.

The Sps Properties dialog box displays. Press OK. Sps-legacy printing will now work with Adobe Reader Version 11.0.09 and above.


Launch Sps-legacy and attempt to print. When Adobe Reader opens, you will likely see the following, which does not include data from Sps-legacy, only a form template. In Adobe Reader click the Options pulldown and choose one of the Trust this document options; it does not matter which one.

After trusting the document, Adobe Reader will display the data from Sps-legacy in the form.