Grant Applications

ORI serves Duke's research grants administration community, working directly with the Office of Research Administration (ORA), the Office of Research Support (ORS), and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to deliver custom grants administration solutions.


Grants.Duke assists Duke Medical Center and Campus personnel with the electronic submission of grant proposals to federal sponsors. Grants.Duke users can attach supporting documents to a grant proposal that has been entered in the Sponsored Projects System (SPS), then release the proposal for submission. Grants.Duke electronically transmits the proposal to Grants.Gov, then on to the federal sponsor.

Sponsored Projects System (SPS)

Sponsored Projects System (SPS) assists Duke Medical Center and Campus personnel with the management of sponsored projects. SPS users can edit grant proposals, route them through the approval process, generate paper forms for government sponsors, and track basic award information. SPS provides standardized proposal information for all sponsors, enforcement of sponsor business rules, decision-support grant reporting across the institution, and electronic routing for review and approval at both the departmental and central office levels.


Research Explorer (REx) allows administrators to view research space and award information by department or by principal investigator. REx displays space data for the current year and prorated award data by fiscal year.

Sponsored Effort

Sponsored Effort allows central grant offices to update awarded effort information, and allows departmental users to view active and pending effort for a specific person.


Sometimes portions of awards granted to Duke are subcontracted to other institutions. Duke has an obligation to the funding sponsor to monitor these "subrecipients" to ensure that they are compliant with certain sponsor regulations. In order to track subrecipients, RAD created 2 separate web applications.

Subrecipients (Duke)

Subrecipients (Duke) allows Duke personnel to generate Subrecipient Form 1, update subrecipient profile data (e.g., certifications, authorizing official), and administer subrecipient user accounts.

Subrecipients (External)

Subrecipients (External) allows external users to request a user account and update subrecipient profile data (e.g., certifications, authorizing official).