About Us

Our Mission

ORI's mission is to provide the best support, services and infrastructure to implement, operate and manage user-centric, delightful solutions that support the research and education missions of Duke Health.

We advance this mission by:

  • Identifying and anticipating user needs.
  • Using proven analysis/design methodologies and project management techniques to develop our systems.
  • Responding promptly and providing respectful assistance to our customer base throughout the system lifecycle.
  • Balancing technical innovation and usability to improve customer productivity.

Custom Development

ORI's Research Application Development (RAD) team creates and supports customized, high-quality, user-friendly software systems and decision support tools.  We are primarily a Ruby-on-Rails shop, but have experience with many different mobile, web, and client/server technologies.

Vended App Configuration & Implementation

ORI configures, implements and supports vended software solutions.  These vended systems are housed locally and in the cloud, and involve many different infrastructure and software technologies.

Agile Processes

We understand that developing new software solutions is inherently unpredictable.  We also understand that it is difficult for a business to commit to funding an uncertain project on a long-term basis.  That is why ORI is committed to using agile processes to iteratively build and deliver software.  Every software shop implements agile a little differently.  In ORI, we have adopted the major principles of SCRUM and embraced the concepts of user stories, sprinting, timeboxing, and pair-programming.

Positive Work Culture

We are a successful group of highly skilled and motivated professionals. Our strengths lie in creativity, innovation, adaptability, thoroughness, and cohesive teamwork. Our credo is to foster an ethical, supportive, and respectful work environment. The keystone to our success is our people, selected by consensus and developed by mentoring and self-education.