Innovate Resources

MyRESEARCHhome Patents & Agreements Widget  (Investigators)

The Duke myRESEARCHhome portal puts relevant applications, resources, and information specific to you and your projects at your fingertips. Your portal's content is personalized based on your researcher profile, showing you content you want and need to see, saving you time and effort.  The Patents & Agreements Widget is a tool that directly pulls information from the Innovate database and will allow Investigators to quickly access and track the status of pending research contracts as well as provide details regarding existing research contracts.

MyRESEARCHhome Patents and Agreements Widget


Innovate Portal  (Investigators and Research Coordinators)

The Duke Innovate Portal grants investigators and research coordinators direct access to a database of their current research contracts at either the investigator or departmental levels.  Users will be able to search for a specific contract and find detailed information regarding the current status, a timeline of the progress, and access to signed versions of the contract.