Subagreement Initiation Request (SIR)

Welcome to the Subagreement Initiation Request page!  To initiate an outgoing subaward/subcontract (subagreements) on a project sponsored by a federal agency or a foundation award, please choose from the following options:

I need to do the following subagreement action:

  1. Issue a new agreement
  2. Amend an existing agreement
  3. Issue a no-cost extension
  4. Terminate an agreement
  5. Issue a capitation (site) agreement


Issue a new agreement:  Use this when a new subagreement needs to be established with a subrecipient.  A new subagreement is also issued when carry forward is not automatic or periods are severable and the project is required to get new fund codes each year/period.  Each Scope of Work requires a separate subagreement, even if the subagreement is to an institution that has an existing subagreement.  For example, a P01 will require a new subagreement for each project/core the subrecipient is working on.

Amend an existing agreement:  Use this when a subagreement is existing and changes are needed.  Examples include: adding additional money to the current budget period, changing a SOW, obligating carry forward from a previous year, deobligation without terminating, etc.  Note that new budget period funding will only be issued via an amendment when carry forward is automatic.

Issue a no-cost extension:  Use this when Duke’s project has received a no-cost extension that needs to be flowed to the subrecipient. 

Termination: Use this when you want to terminate a subagreement.  Generally, we are required to give notice prior to termination, so this will not be retroactive.  You may also need to deobligate funds with this action, but this isn’t required. 

Capitation (site) agreement: Use this when you would like a subagreement to go to a site to pay by a per subject fixed rate for clinical research.      

*If you are not sure which option to pick, please contact