Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP)

Welcome to Duke University School of Medicine Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP).  The Duke School of Medicine is dedicated to assisting employees reach their full potential, and are excited to roll out this new initiative in support of that goal.  The SOM-RA mentoring program provides a unique career development opportunity for Grants and Contracts Administrators to gain valuable experience through participation in a mentoring relationship with senior staff.   This program is one of many tools available to Duke Employees who are seeking to advance their careers and enhance their working relationships. 

We believe that Mentors and Mentees will find their experience mutually beneficial.  Mentees will gain invaluable insight and advice from seasoned professionals. Mentors will refine their leadership and coaching skills while giving back to the SOM-RA community while developing a deeper understanding of issues facing fellow colleagues.   It is our hope that this mentoring program will serve as a catalyst for future growth and ultimately benefit the Duke community at large. 

The Duke School of Medicine mentoring program is committed to the following guiding principles: 







Duke University School of Medicine Research Administration Mentoring Program  

Mission Statement :  To facilitate the personal and professional development of Duke SOM Grants and Contracts Administrators through the engagement of mentoring relationships with SOM senior personnel.  

Goals of the Mentoring Program:  

  • Facilitate intra-organizational personal relationships  
  • Facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge sharing  
  • Promote individual development through the transfer of skills, expert knowledge and insight 
  • Emphasize and support Duke SOM Guiding Principles of Trustworthiness, Respect, Diversity, Learning and Teamwork.  

Benefits to Duke:   

  • Contribute to the development of high potential employees  
  • Promote retention of key contributors  
  • Elevate and improve the quality of work  
  • Result in a better trained and engaged workforce  
  • Position the organization as innovative and forward-thinking  
  • Symbolize an investment the organization is making in its workforce  
  • Expand the knowledge base of the organization  
  • Develop and fast track high potential employees  
  • Serve as a means of succession planning in the organization  
  • Attract talent to the organization   

Benefits to Mentees  

  • Gain knowledge and insight of the organization's culture and best practices  
  • Increase their confidence in job performance  
  • Expand their professional network  
  • Create a more positive work environment  
  • Receive important feedback about personal style or career skills  
  • Opportunity to build a relationship with a trusted advisor  
  • Improve and expand critical thinking about self, career and the organization  

Benefits to Mentors  

  • Opportunity to share subject matter expertise  
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment and professional validation  
  • Rekindle a sense of purpose within the organization  
  • Opportunity to contribute in a unique way to the research administration community  
  • Develop coaching and mentoring skills while serving as a positive role model  
  • Establish relationships within the organization  

Program Details

Duration:  The Duke SOM-RA mentoring program is a 3-month commitment.  Participants are expected to engage fully in mentoring activities for this duration with limited interruption. 

Frequency:  During this time, mentors and mentees will meet at least 6 times for sessions lasting up to 90 minutes. 

Location:  Ideally, face-to-face meetings will occur.  If necessary, virtual meetings may take place if mutually agreed upon in advance by both mentor and mentee. 

Content:  Mutually agreed upon SMART goals will be created. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely)
Termination:  In the event that either party find the mentoring relationship unproductive and requests that it be terminated, both parties will honor that decision without question or blame.

Discretion:  Any sensitive issues that are discussed will be held in strictest confidence.   

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