Salary Requests/Fringe Benefits/Tuition Remission


Salary Requests

During the budget development stage, the accurate Institutional Base Salary (IBS) will be needed for all personnel identified to facilitate the proposed scope of work. As salaries will be needed for personnel outside of your org unit, utilize the Salary Request form to assist with obtaining the salary level for the needed faculty or staff to ensure that the correct salaries are received and represented on proposals.


Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefit (FB) rates are expressed as a percentage of salary. Separate FB rates are used for federal and non-federal grants and contracts, and those rates are divided by faculty/monthly employees, bi-weekly employees, Ph.D. students and other students. 

Duke's FB rates are negotiated with DHHS; however, the negotiated rates usually cover only one fiscal year at a time. The University's Corporate Controller projects FB rates several fiscal years in advance for budget planning purposes. These projected rates have not been negotiated with the Federal Government. Unless the Sponsor stipulates otherwise, faculty are expected to use the current and projected rates when preparing proposals. 

Current Fringe Benefit Rates


Tuition Remission for Graduate Research Assistants

Tuition remission is a component of the student’s total compensation package along with their salary and any applied fringe benefits.

Sample Tuition Remission Budget Justification

Tuition remission costs are calculated using the University’s “Average Rate Basis (ARB)” methodology which has been approved by our Federal Cognizant Agency (DHHS*). For the 20xx-20xx academic year, tuition remission for Ph.D. research assistants is calculated at ##.#%. The Graduate School sets the rate and has projected future year rates of ##.#% and ##.#% . These rates are applied consistently across the University, regardless of funding source.

For more information - Graduate Student Financial support