Funding Opportunities

For identifying funding opportunities, the Office of Research Administration (ORA) works in close cooperation with our counterpart on the University side, the Office of Research Support (ORS).

The following resources are available to you:  

Funding Opportunities - Duke's Funding Opportunities website.

Duke University School of Medicine Bridge Funding Program - Please consult the School of Medicine Bridge Funding link for application procedures and eligibility. 

ORS also provides hands-on training in the methods and resources available for locating and identifying specific funding opportunities.  If you wish to participate in this training, please contact:    

Outreach Coordinator / Funding Specialist
Phone: 919-681-5132 Fax: 919-684-2418


Limited Submissions    

A limited submission (LS) program is a program/funding announcement where the sponsor restricts the number of proposals an institution is allowed to submit.  The sponsor's program guidelines place the responsibility of selection on the institution. See ORS's website for more information: