Grant Review and Submission Process



The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is here to support your grant development and submission efforts.

We care a lot about the details!  Not just to ensure we are following sponsor requirements, but that we are helping you develop the best application possible.  As an applicant organization, Duke University has an institutional responsibility to verify the accuracy, validity, conformity, and eligibility of all applications submitted to a sponsor on behalf of the Duke University School of Medicine.  This responsibility is shared with several institutional stakeholders including the Principal Investigator (PI), the PI’s Chair or Director (or designee), business manager, grant administrators, and the Office of Research Administration staff.  As the authorized organizational representative (AOR) delegated by Duke University, ORA reviews the application to make the necessary representations, certifications, and assurances to the external sponsor.  The AOR is responsible for ensuring that applications are compliant and that institutional and sponsor policies and guidelines are met - including administrative, fiscal, and scientific information in the application.  

Submitting a Complete and Compliant Application


Timeline for Application Development, Review and Submission


Graphic of timeline for application as described below

> 5 Days: PI provides application components to grants administrator

5 Days: Complete application (plus near final draft of science) submitted to ORA

4 Days: ORA reviews and provides feedback, allowing time for corrections

3 Days: Approvals completed, corrections addressed

2 Days: Application Submitted

2 day submission window to allow time to correct errors or warnings BEFORE the sponsor deadline