Grant Application Waiver Request

All grant applications must be sent to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) for review and submission approval 7 business days prior to the grant application's sponsor deadline. In other words, a grant application will need to be routed in the SPS system and reach the Pending Central Approval (PCA) state 7 business days before the sponsor deadline to meet this guideline. When a grant application must be provided late to the ORA office, a waiver will be needed in order to proceed with an ORA review for submission approval.

Please click on the link to see the entire ORA Waiver Memo.

ORA Waiver Memo.

Please complete this waiver request form for a late grant application review approval.

1 Start 2 Complete
Please enter the name of the individual who is requesting the waiver.
Please enter the actual deadline date for this grant proposal submission.
Please enter the name of the PI on the grant proposal.
Please enter the SPS Record Number for this grant proposal.
Please select your department's ORA research administrative contact person.
Please enter the owning department for this proposal.

Inadequate Planning

  • Out of Office / Short-Staffed
  • Modifications / Incomplete Proposal
  • Errors / Oversight / Miscommunication about Award Process
  • Technical Issues
  • Complexity of Application (i.e. International Project)
  • Delay with Department Approval or Review


  • Great Opportunity
  • Late Invitation to Participate in Project
  • Late Notice of Available Extra Funds

Subcontractor Delay

  • Incomplete Subcontractor Paperwork
  • Subcontractor Delay in Approvals or Budget Completion
Please provide any comments as to why this grant proposal will not be sent to the ORA for the 7 day prior review deadline. If necessary, please indicate the anticipated time needed to complete proposal and routing.
If your department uses an internal request for waiver form, please attach the approved form. If not, please provide approval below.
Please copy and paste the Department Chair or Business Manager e-mail approval for this late proposal.