Contracts Administration

The Office of Research Administration responsible for Federal contracts, outgoing and incoming Federal subcontracts/subawards and foundation agreements, and certain industry agreements.  Please utilize the following contracts management correspondence e-mail address for inquiries or to obtain review and signature:  

The Sponsored Projects System (SPS) record number is the identifier for which all grants and contracts are tracked within the Office of Research Administration. Therefore, please include the SPS record number that corresponds with the agreement in question to assist with record recognition and response.

The following central offices also manage industry contracts at Duke: 

  • The Office of Corporate Research Collaborations (OCRC) is responsible for the negotiation of Industry sponsored clinical trials, site agreements, material transfer agreements, and shares the Non-Federal contract workload with ORA. OCRC also has intellectual property management responsibilities, particularly those arising from, or closely associated with, commercially sponsored research projects.
  • The Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) supports the CRUs (including all faculty, staff, and students) by developing the “navigation, tools, and training” for the conduct of clinical research in which Duke serves as an investigative site. 
  • ​The Procurement Services office is responsible for outside service agreements performed on sponsored research.