WBS Elements / Fund Code

Sponsored projects require a restricted, separate award account to expend awarded funds in order to provide the University the ability to send reports to the sponsor on how the funds were applied. The terminology for this award account is named a WBS element or by its old name "fund code". 

ORA will request a WBS element from Treasury Billing Services (TBS) upon receipt of an award notification. If a PI receives an original copy of an award notice, it should be forwarded to ORA immediately so that this process can be started and the project can be underway as quickly as possible.

Please Note: If a PI has not completed his / her annual RCC training for financial compliance, any projects awaiting award will NOT be activated until the training is finalized. Please refer to the PI Status page for further details.

All award accounts are set up by TBS in the SAP system. The first three numbers assigned to a WBS element / fund code represent the type of project awarded as follows:


Image of WBSE attributes for Sponsored Research

*For Company Code 0010, Sponsored Projects are Current Restricted Funds and are always a "2" or "3".

For a complete description of Accounting Codes, see Financial Services Accounting Codes Overview.