Special Projects


Christina Jackson, Research Administration Manager, reports to the SOM Associate Dean/Executive Director of Research Administration.  She is responsible for partnering with SOM Departments, Centers and Institutes and collaborating with SOM central offices related to financial and compliance review and resolution of special projects within the Office of Research Administration, including:


  • Review of effort for faculty committed greater than 90% on sponsored sources (a.k.a. G90 Effort Review)
  • Review and approval of retroactive iForms changes greater than 180 days 
  • Partner with departments to assist in remediation of unresolved CAS expenditures
  • Partner with departments and other central offices to review pre-award fund codes in SAP R/3 (ADV or PEND status) greater than 90 days
  • Partner with departments and SOM Finance in review of sponsored research codes with overdraft balances to determine potential financial risk (unacceptable institutional risk UIR) and provide reporting to senior leadership
  • Partner with departments to assist with identification and resolution of faculty that may be over the NIH salary cap.

Christina may be reached at (919) 684-0577 or christina.jackson@duke.edu


  • SOM Guideline for Overdrafts (Last Revised October 1, 2017) - Request a copy by sending an email to gcmail@mc.duke.edu with "Request for SOM Guideline for Overdrafts" in the subject line.​​      
          Iform Greater Than 180 Days Calculator