Award Management

For post award administration, the Post Award Financial Management (PAFM) and Treasury Billing Services (TBS), performs the financial management on sponsored projects for Duke University. The Office of Research Administration (ORA) coordinates with PAFM & TBS to ensure award documentation is processed to initiate the financial services provided by PAFM & TBS.

These financial services include the WBSE set up, preparation of financial reports, monitoring financial transactions for compliance with sponsor and Duke policies, confirming reimbursement of project encumbrances, and providing training and support to department administrators.

When providing correspondence in a written format to ORA and PAFM or TBS, please provide ORA the Sponsored Projects System (SPS) record number and for PAFM or TBS identify the WBS Element / fund code for inquiries on sponsored projects.

PAFM may be reached at (919) 684-5442 to assist with any questions about the post award process or to schedule individual appointments between department administrators and PAFM staff.