About ORA

Mission Statement
The Duke University School of Medicine Office of Research Administration (ORA) is committed to providing a high level of service to our research community.  We build and maintain relationships through communication, responsiveness, and transparency while continuously honing our educational strategy for both internal and external audiences.  We value the use of technology in streamlining processes, delivering user-friendly products and improving quality in supporting Duke’s innovative research initiatives.

The vision of ORA is to be an exemplary resource in the field of research administration by providing technological tools, educational opportunities and exceptional service.  We strive to support the Duke University research community by utilizing change as opportunities for innovation.  Ultimately, we endeavor to function as a dynamic team and affirm our contribution to the beneficiaries of research advancement.
Our core values include:

  • Efficiency: timeliness, streamlining processes, responsiveness in our work flow
  • Integrity: honesty, fairness, reliability in all practices, customer service
  • Innovation: creative solutions, embracing technology, open-minded approach
  • Knowledge: expertise, continuing education, sharing information with our customers
  • Collaboration: synergistic, cooperative, team-driven
  • Professionalism: respectable, dedicated to community needs, reliable, dependable team-members