Faculty Resources

Duke offers a variety of career development programs and grant opportunities for junior faculty.

Translating Duke Health

The Translating Duke Health Initiative (TDH) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-year commitment to harness the expertise and knowledge found at Duke to address society’s most significant scientific and healthcare challenges and fulfill the vision of making discoveries and transforming health for millions.  Each of the five pillars has annual RFPs, and the Neurosciences and Children’s Health and Discovery Initiative both currently have open calls for applications.  For more details about TDH, visit www.translatingdukehealth.org.

Mentored Career Awards at Duke

Duke offers a number of mentored career awards including Institutional and individual K Awards. 

Duke Strong Start Program


The Duke Strong Start Program is designed to support the careers of young, laboratory-based physician-scientists at Duke through substantive mentoring and financial resources. 

This goal of this program is to nurture the careers of junior faculty who are laboratory-based physician-scientists at Duke. By offering substantive mentoring and financial resources, this award will support junior, physician-scientist faculty during a critical period of their career, the transition to research independence.

This award program is lead by the Office of Physician Scientist Development (OPSD) and intentionally designed to integrate with other Duke initiatives that train physician-scientists at even earlier points in their career, such as the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD-PhD students), Departmental Physician-Scientist Training Programs, and the Lefkowitz Society (clinical residents and fellows). In this way, the “Strong Start” Award Program will ensure that Duke University School of Medicine remains a leader in the training of outstanding physician-scientists, a group uniquely committed to the advancement of the medical sciences in our own community and in the nation.

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