SPS Decision Support Access Request

Standard Departmental SPS DS Account Requests

  • Requests go directly to ORA (for the School of Medicine and School of Nursing) or to ORS (for Campus).  Note: If central level access (i.e., access to all proposal data) is needed, the request must go to both ORA and ORS for approval.
  • ORA/ORS determine if the person making the request is authorized to do so (usually the department’s SPS Security Officer or business manager).  If not, they touch base with the appropriate person to obtain departmental sign-off on the request.  They also ensure that the person for whom access is requested has the necessary expertise to understand the database structure and are skilled with using a query tool to manipulate the data.  Note: ORI-RAD does not provide support for setting up ad hoc queries and/or customized reports.
  • For the School of Medicine and School of Nursing, ORA forwards the request to Rossi Evans in the School of Medicine Finance office for sign off.  The finance office offers a rich suite of Tableau reports and wants the opportunity to talk to the department to see if their needs can better be met by access to existing Tableau reports.
  • If necessary approvals have been obtained, ORA/ORS set up an SPS user record (if one does not already exist) and ensure that it is given rights to the appropriate BFR codes. If the user does have an SPS user account, they ensure that the user's access is restricted to the correct BFR codes; otherwise that account will be able to download SPS data for each department to which they have been given access.  ORA/ORS also turn on the decision support flag in the SPS user record and notify the department.

Non-Standard SPS DS Account Requests

  • If the request is for an SPS DS account that doesn’t fall within the existing SPS security framework (e.g., they are asking for access to data belonging to another department), then the request should go to ORI-RAD since such requests require that customized views be created.
  • ORI-RAD will forward a data request form to the departmental SPS security officer or business manager for completion.
  • Upon receipt of a completed data request form, ORI-RAD clarifies the data being requested and forwards the request to ORA/ORS for approval.  If ORA/ORS authorize access to the data, ORI-RAD does an initial analysis of the level of effort involved.
  • The request is presented at the next RAD stakeholders meeting to ensure that there is no concern about the data being provided.  If there are no concerns about granting access to the data, the stakeholders prioritize it along with other planned work for the upcoming quarter.